Getting Started

Important Links

Here are a few pages that we can refer to while navigating this API:

The very first step to using any API is obtaining an API key. This authenticates the user by assigning each application a unique key that controls the number of callbacks to the API and for other security purposes.

Requesting an API Key

These keys are basically used to identify who is making a call to the API, as well as how often they are making those calls. Most APIs require that developers receive a key specific to their application, and Etsy is included in that group.

Luckily for us, getting an API key from Etsy is fairly straightforward! It basically involves registering as a user on, and then registering your app. After that, your API key will be made available for each of your applications at

You'll notice that this application actually gives us two keys, one keystring and one share secret key. Keep these handy to get started in the next section!

After receiving this key, we're ready to start making API calls.

Let's start building our shop page!